A community of military veterans combatting the world water crisis 

Veterans Without Orders is an veteran-led, non-profit, clean water organization that assists populations without clean water and other essential services. Our goal is to continue serving humanity by utilizing skills obtained while in uniform to conduct sustainable humanitarian projects worldwide. 

Many founding members of VWO served within the Civil Affairs Corps and developed broad expertise in assessing needs, developing solutions, and working with local partners to implement those solutions. Our model is based in-part on the U.S. Army Civil Affairs Team concept, which specializes in identifying critical requirements needed by local citizens in combat or crisis situations.

Our Mission

To leverage a global network of military veterans, providing access to sustainable clean drinking water and healthcare services to underdeveloped communities around the world.

Our Vision

We envision being a global leader in providing sustainable access to clean drinking water to the world’s most economically disadvantaged communities to end preventable deaths due to waterborne diseases.


The Civil Affairs (CA) Branch is the humanitarian arm of the military. Consisting primarily of civilian experts such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, police, firemen, bankers, computer programmers, farmers, and others, CA Soldiers play an integral role in peacekeeping operations around the world. They act as a liaison between the Army and civilian authorities and populations.

One of the core responsibilities of Civil Affairs soldiers is to conduct foreign humanitarian operations. In the aftermath of war and natural disasters, CA teams coordinate with local aid organizations, provide direct aid to civilians, and help restore infrastructure by building roads, schools, medical facilities, sewer lines, etc.

With this specialized experience, our veteran volunteers combine regional expertise, language competency, political-military awareness, and cross-cultural communication skills to deliver clean water filters, training, and follow-up support to water-stressed regions across the globe.

Our Clean Water Mission Model

Our primary goal is sustainable water filtration for in-need communities and our mission model is based on a proven system of delivering the Sawyer PointOne water filter to mothers of small children. This model, developed by Water With Blessings, has a track record of targeting a receptive audience that takes ownership of the system.

We ask women supplied with the Sawyer water filter to make a promise to share the system with at least two other families. This builds on an existing sense of community and helps increase the likelihood the filters will be accepted and utilized.

In addition to water filtration, we provide sanitation training, logistical support of materials, basic health care and supplies on our missions. Visit our How We Help page for more information about how our mission model allows us to address 4 charitable causes through 1 simple, inexpensive water filter.


Team Members

Founders – Executive Team

John Nonnemaker
Jacqueline Case
Assistant Director
Nicolette Souffrant

Board Members

Steven Werner
Aaron Leonard
Secretary of the Board
Jeff Farris
Nicolette Souffrant
Ray Hahn
Vice Chairman
Jim Murphy

Board of Advisors

Kyle Toto
Brandon Miller
Nancy Metayer
Dan Keck
Erin Lankau


Amanda Robbins
HR Director
Johnny Spruiel
Amanda Smolinski
Communications Director
Jeffrey Mundinger
Dan Martinez
Wilson Suarez
Operations Director
John Gantzer
Operations NCO
Erick Saavedra
Training Officer
Dan Gray
Training Officer
Jenny Laguna
Field Operations
Noah Hodges
Audit Operations Officer
Mahlon Johnson
Lead Medic
Nicolette Souffrant
Field Ops
Aaron Isaacson
Lead Engineer
Brian Rochelle
Logistics Director
Ray Hahn
Director of Finance
Justin Smith
IT/Web Director
Dade Ronan
Web Design
Andrea Lewis
Social Media Director
Carey Johnson
Saif Salah Mahdi
Graphic Design
Whitney Proctor
Garret Biss
Sarah McMains
John Kessler
Tshirt Sales