When we first started leading clean water missions in 2015, we were just a small crew of soon-to-be-retired Civil Affairs soldiers looking to define our transition to civilian life. For all of us, our military service had revealed one overarching and undeniable fact. No matter where in the world we had witnessed conflict and suffering, access to clean water always played a critical and complex role.

Over the last two and a half years we’ve received tremendous support for our mission to deliver clean water filters to communities in water crisis. We’re serving as the tip-of-the spear for addressing clean water issues, and our partnerships with other aid organizations are allowing us to maximize our mission impact. Our organization has expanded into a talented global network of engaged and committed volunteers whose contributions are ensuring our future success.

And now we have some really exciting news about something big we’ve had brewing for a while!

Introducing Tapped Coffee

Tapped Coffee is a veteran-owned coffee company that is now an exclusive supporter of Veterans Without Orders. Tapped has committed to donating 100% of their net profits to our non-profit organization to fund our clean water missions. Yes, you read that right – one hundred percent.

This is a partnership that means a lot to our mission. Here’s why:

  1. The world water crisis isn’t just a drinking water problem. It is also an agricultural problem. Changes in climate threatens to decimate 50% of coffee-producing land by 2050.
  2. Every bag of coffee purchased produces 50,000 gallons of clean water through our delivery and training of Sawyer Water Filtration Systems to communities in water crisis.
  3. Many of the largest coffee-growing regions are also those most at risk of water crisis. Tapped Coffee seeks to supports small farms who use sustainable practices to improve the conditions of the land and its farmers.

What does that mean for you?

You can help us combat the global water crisis by simply purchasing your coffee from Tapped Coffee! Next week, Tapped Coffee will launch its online store, where you can begin purchasing premium whole bean and ground coffee from around the world. To celebrate, they’re offering 15% off your first order. Just visit www.tappedcoffee.com and subscribe to receive your coupon code.


You can use it once Tapped announces the shop opening on their newly-launched Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Follow them now so you don’t miss out on the announcement, plus future specials and offers!

We also need your help to spread the word! Please share this blog post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages with the hashtag #tappedin. We’ll be entering everyone who does into a raffle for a free bag of our Guatemala Yepocapa Coffee.

So grab your favorite coffee cup, share our message, and get ready to feel GOOD about the coffee you drink!

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